Monday, January 6

Embroidery Finish Along with me!


Over at the &Stitches blog we are hosting an Embroidery Finish Along and we'd love to have lots of people to Finish Along with us and complete an unfinished embroidery (or several!) from their WIP basket within the next month. If you'd like to join in, share a photo (and write something about your project) on your blog (or Tumblr/Flickr etc) and add your link to our Finish Along blogpost

I went through my overflowing WIP basket, but surprisingly enough there were very little embroidery projects in it. A few English Paper Piecing projects, some unfinished cross-stitch pieces (which of course also count as embroidery but I wasn't confident I could finish those in the next four weeks) and only two half finished embroideries. I have chosen my unfinished tiny hedgehog embroidery to complete. Not sure why it was left in my basket half finished but it could be because I had no idea how to continue with it. I think I'll resume stitching tonight, starting with the apple. :) 


  1. I have your teacup hedgehog to finish so I shall try and join in :)

  2. Oh, how precious his little face is! Can't wait to see him finished!

  3. He's very cute. I feel like he should be reading a newspaper... Maybe I should convince you to turn him into a pattern and I could try to make hi a newspaper? ... No, I ll just enjoy watching you make hi and Apple :-)
    E xx


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