Tuesday, March 11

More Stitched Lettering

Whisky makes me FriskyColdplay: stars shineTea Solves Everything - FinishedDillard quoteWinnie the Pooh (Complete)Women Who Don't Help Other Women
Eels Lyrics Embroidery - WIPStitching Shakespeare 1Custom wedding announcementlove her love her love herunder the seaDarling, I give you very best duck
I'm forgainst it.Blazing Saddles WIP #1ParisPretty Ugly Lettering52 Songs - Bob DylanMonkees cross stitch

more stitched lettering, a gallery on Flickr.

More fine examples from my Stitched Lettering Group on Flickr. Quotes and lyrics are (still) an important source of inspiration for many stitchers. And poetry. Because 'Whisky makes me Frisky' is poetry, right? Well it rhymes anyway. :)

Visit the gallery, to have a proper look at these lovely pieces (because the mosaic makes them tiny!) and find out more about the people who made them.

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