Tuesday, March 4

Guess what?


Any ideas as to what this is going to be? It really looks like an owl from this angle but it isn't... A little idea I have had on my pin board for about 2 years but never get round to actually try out. During my lunch break today I made progress though and actually cut into some of my precious Liberty fabric so it better turn out cute!  

p.s. Guess what? (part 2) I have a little Sale going on in my Follow the White Bunny shop as I'm going to discontinue some of my older patterns. It's quite possible that one or two of these patterns will re-appear in an updated version at some point but for now it's farewell! Sale ends on March 15th.


  1. Maybe a walrus or a seal?

    1. It's not but it does look a bit like a walrus or seal too! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Walrus seems to be the popular choice, but it's really not a Walrus, honestly! :)

  3. I see walrus has already been ruled out, so I have no clue! I'm just going to wait and see, I'm very intrigued by this! I love those fabrics you're using!


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