Tuesday, July 1

Shades, shapes and texture

In the past week I've been mainly working on two projects. One is a new pattern which I will share when it's completely done. All I can say that it's a winter-y one this time. The other project is my 'Big French Knot Project'.

I use a lot of different shades of red and pink (and some other colours too) in this project. From dusky pinks to deep berry shades and from bright reds with a hint of orange to the 'classic' DMC 321 red. My Colour (or rather Shade) Chaos Theory is that if you put a lot of different shades of one colour range together it can work. Just Dusty Pink next to Christmas Red looks horrible but if you add another eight (non-matching shades) in the mix it's ok. At least in my book. This photo below doesn't really proof my point but once it's finished and you can see the whole picture I hope you will see my point too :)  This project is about shades, shapes and texture and I find it really refreshing to work on something completely different than my 'usual' stuff.

Most of the colours I use are from DMC (the regular six stranded floss) but I also used some very bright Sublime Stitching Floss Red and a very deep Anchor Purple.

I'm about halfway with my French Knot project (this is just a detail pictured here) and I think I will be taking it with me to the &Stitches Picnic in London this Saturday (check the details here, it's free and if the weather is terrible than we have a roofed alternative!). I'm very much looking forward to visiting London again and meeting up with some of my UK based Embroidery Friends. I also hope to squeeze in some visits to crafty stores and museums. If you know any good crafty stores in or near Central London, let me know! :)

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