Friday, September 5

On the Cover of a Magazine

I'm so excited that my 'Wave Goodbye' embroidery (as it's now called) has made it to the cover of this month's Australian Homespun magazine!

I had this idea to make an embroidery with a Volkswagen Van for quite a while. I even had a fairly detailed drawing of it on my 'must make a pattern of this one day' pile. As it turns out production of these VW vans ended last December but at least you can now still make your own with needle and thread! Anyway, I'm glad Homespun liked the idea as well so I went on and adjusted the original sketch quite a bit to give it a bit of a Surf and Beach theme. That maybe an odd theme in September for us in the Northern Hemisphere but in Australia it's nearly Spring! Maybe it would be fun if I'd made a wintery version as well...

Tomorrow I am finally posting a review of the IKEA 'Sy' Sewing machine I bought for my daughter earlier this year!


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