Wednesday, October 15

Couture Birds

Embroidery & design by Nicola Jarvis. photo used with permission

While I was browsing the website of the Royal School of Needlework I stumbled upon a fabulous looking workshop called Couture Birds (Kings and Queens) hosted by Nicola Jarvis. I first found out about Nicola Jarvis' work last year when I read about her beautiful embroidery work in a William Morris inspired exhibition (read a review here). Besides the Morris' Birds Nicola has done lots of other exquisite highly creative embroidery work in different techniques.

So I needed very little time to think it over and very spontaneously booked my place in the class. Without worrying about details of how to get there and where to stay or that I don't know anyone there. It's next July so I still have some time to figure all that out. :) Incidentally I also forgot to check whether my embroidery skills were good enough to take part. It's Crewel and Gold work, two techniques I haven't tried before. At least not Crewel work with wool, because apparently you can also do Crewel with regular stranded thread which to me sounds much like surface embroidery. And that is something I happen to do quite a lot! I'm not particularly keen on formal gatherings but the RSN says the classes are small and friendly (just like me!) so I should be ok. I'm just incredibly excited to be taking a class with Nicola and I expect to learn lots from the experience!

As I write this I saw there was only one spot left in the Couture Birds class (come join me!) but there are lots and lots of other interesting courses available through the Royal School of Needlework for all skill levels and on different locations as well. The majority is in the UK but there are also classes taught abroad.

Do check out Nicola Jarvis' shop where you can find gorgeous Embroidery kits, including several William Morris inspired Bird kits.

In preparation for my class I will go and explore Crewel Embroidery a bit more. Obviously I will share my findings here on the blog. :) 


  1. My husband and I are talking about going to London this summer. RSN will definitely be on my list of activities!

    1. Be sure to check out the Hand and Lock class too!

    2. *classes*

  2. I love William Morris fabric designs! I love birds! What a perfect combo!!!

  3. I'm so jealous. I love the RSN and there's nothing like it here in Canada. (sigh) Looking forward to your stories about it. :)

  4. I've done a couple of RSN day courses, they are really fun and I learned a lot. I did a crewelwork course and just needed to know basic embroidery stitches, and a goldwork course which was fairly easy to pick up, so you'll be fine! Judging by my experience, don't expect to get your piece anywhere near finished while you're there...


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