Monday, October 13

Inspirations: patterns in my neighbourhood

On my way to the bike repair shop (with a broken bike wheel in my hand) and back (without the broke bike wheel), I took some pictures of interesting patterns in my neighbourhood. Once you start looking, you see patterns and interesting details everywhere. Today I spotted lots of simple but stylish ornamental work in stone and metal.

And on my way back I found this object in a little shop.

It's a bird on a tree trunk (obviously) and at first I thought it was a tiny vase because it has a hole on top. But then I found out it had a hole in the bottom as well which makes it kind of useless as a vase. ;)  It now keeps my vintage porcelain owl (which is actually a perfume lamp) company.


  1. Beautiful patterns everywhere! Cute little birdie!!!

  2. It's funny how much inspiration there is in the commonest of places when you just look. We're often too hurried to look around us. Your little bird reminds me of the potpourri holders my nan used to have, I think the idea is that the lovely smell comes out of the hole in the top and you refill from the bottom as needed.

    1. My husband thinks it used to be a (small) lamp but it could be a potpourri holder too!


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