Monday, October 6

Old Stitches, New Tricks

Just in case you don't read the &Stitches blog: we have a fabulous new Embroidery competition going on called Old Stitches, New Tricks You can read all the details (about how and when to enter etc) on the &Stitches blog but basically the idea is that you take something 'old' (an old pattern or technique for example) and use it in a contemporary way. An interesting challenge for sure! 

Great prize to win: this is the loot the winner will get!

I was planning on playing along as well. Obviously I can't enter the contest (as I am an &Stitches co-host) but I really wished I could, because the prizes are fantastic.  Anyway, I started researching an old, somewhat forgotten technique yesterday (not revealing what it is yet!) and I hardly could find any information on it. Nothing in my personal 'library' and very little online as well. I wonder why that is but I'm determined to bring it put it in the spotlight a bit before it disappears in oblivion  :) 

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  1. Can't wait to see this Long Forgotten Stitch your showing us! Please don't forget :)
    LOVE your Blog ...


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