Thursday, November 20

New Things...

So...I have (therapeutically?) been stitching on a Very Interesting Project recently. That is to say, I think it will be quite lovely when it's finished but as I'm embroidering it I'm already thinking of a thousand different ways I could have approached this project. The stitches aren't perfect but overall the effect that I'm after is definitely reached. A bit cryptic I know but it in this case it will be so much nicer if you see the finished piece first and perhaps in progress photos afterwards (although I don't have too many). The red rectangle isn't part of the project. I wanted to add an appropriate text there but in the end I couldn't think of anything.... it contrasts nicely with the rest though. :)

Also new is this Wave Goodbye... pattern. As you probably know this pattern was published in Australian Homespun magazine a few months ago and I'm now releasing it for all to enjoy.

As always the pattern has a Stitch and Colour key and valuable tips from yours truly. :) There's still enough time to stitch this in time for Christmas for the VW van or cute animal fan in your life!


  1. So cute, Nicole! Love the flamingo!!

  2. Николь, какие веселые друзья, как весело! Особенно порадовали щупальца осьминога, обвеваемые ветерком) Отдыхает, или силится выглянуть в окно?

    1. Thanks! I had to put your comment through an online translator first :) The octopus might be trying to escape, who knows?

    2. Haha! Hopefully, in the way he met a fugitive pond))

      Antonina (Tonya), Russia.


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