Wednesday, January 21

New things

Good news (at least I think it is!): I'm busy writing and embroidering for a new online workshop (or 'class', but workshop sounds more 'hands on'). More details will follow next month but the planning is to launch towards the end of May. If you are interested in joining me (and yes the photo below is a hint of what to expect) then be sure to keep an eye on this blog or sign up for my newsletter!

I learned lots from my experiences (and the survey) from last years 'Furry Nice' online Embroidery class, so things will be a little different. But for the better of course. :)

This Spring I'm also hoping to have a few more patterns printed. One that is familiar (see above) and two brand new ones. I'm working with someone to sort out the printing stuff (because that's really not my thing) so I can focus on the Embroidery part (which is more my thing)!


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