Thursday, January 29

On Knitting and other things...

This is Jumper, Luna's favourite cuddly toy (along with his little brother Rory) posing quite elegantly with his new knitted cowl. I'm trying to learn how to knit and Jumper's cowl was a good first project. Actually it was Luna who wanted to learn how to knit so we're in this 'learning how to knit' thing together. At least that was the idea...

A little while ago I bought a book about knitting but it's not very helpful. So to learn how to cast on I turned to Youtube for a video and found this one for left handers very helpful. At some point in my past (probably 35 years ago at least) I learned how to do the Garter Stitch but apparently I learned it the right handed way. Mmmmm... So now I cast on left handed and knit right handed.

For now I'm sticking to the Garter Stitch until I have finished my Bulky Yarn Scarf (the Black and White thing in the photo). I bought some cheap yarn but if there's progress in my knitting efforts I will probably move on to fancier yarns. Knitting is still a bit of a mystery to me. I found out that there's a difference between American and European needle sizes for instance and that there are 3000 different ways to cast on. After reading this review of the book Knitting Smitten on Laura Howard's blog yesterday I ordered it right away because it looks like a good (and easy) place to continue my knitting journey. And I also have Julie to turn to with my Knitting Questions as she has kindly offered her expertise. And look what she knitted recently, lovely!

In other news: you can find an interview with little old me on the Bugs and Fishes blog (that's also where I read the Knitting book review) in the Crafty Ladies Series. And for the &Stitches blog I made a tutorial about the Roumanian Stitch and the Roumanian Couching Stitch. It's a versatile and easy stitch so go check it out. :)


  1. Lovely interview! I enjoy simple knitting and hand sewing, it is very calming.

  2. Knitting is good; it's a real 'flow' activity once you get the hang. I love crochet more, just for the speed and texture. Keep practising; I'm sure there are a few more toys in your house that need a scarf! (if it's anything like my house!)


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