Monday, May 11

A colourful Spiderweb

Last weekend I granted myself a few hours of sewing. A lot of my sewing stuff is still in boxes (because of the new bathroom, it's nearly finished!) but I had easy access to my scraps and some of my stash so I just started sewing a favourite scrappy block of mine: the Spiderweb!

At first I thought I'd do a white background on all the blocks, but I'm actually not a big fan of lots of white in a quilt. So I just made each block a different colour. Some backgrounds contrast strongly with the spiderwebs, others have less contrast. I like that mix. Ideally I would only use fabric from my stash for the backgrounds but I'm not sure if I have enough solids that are suitable to throw in the mix. I have some more charcoal coloured fabric but I'd really like to add more light grey too, to even out the crazy colour scheme and scrappy-ness (which sounds a lot like 'happiness'!) We'll see...

The blocks are four triangles sewn together and on the pointy ends you often really only need a small scrap. As a scrap-hoarder I was happy to find many, excellent tiny scraps for my pointy ends in my 2" or smaller bag! Save the scraps, peeps! Please look on my Spiderweb & String Quilt Board on Pinterest for more inspiration & tutorials.

The next few weeks are super busy. Besides preparing my Simply Shading Workshop (while my youngest has a school holiday) there will be new iron-on patterns in the shop soon. Three in total, including a new and improved Most Excellent Party Bear!

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  1. Oh, I am loving your scrappy spiderweb blocks ~ and that you chose to do each star a different color is a great idea!


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