Tuesday, May 19

Lotus Flower & Simply Shading Workshop

I finished this Lotus Flower today. It's part of my Simply Shading Workshop that starts in about a months time. Throughout the workshop there are 'needle workouts', short exercises that will help students 'see' how shading works. Most of these don't even involve using needle and thread! The Lotus Flower obviously does though and it's an exercise that comes up towards the end of the

You can still sign up until the end of this month, after that I'm going to send out the little kits that go with the workshop.  The kits include my new Bird & Flower iron-on pattern (yay!), needles, fabric and the handy floss organisers pictured in the first photo. This workshop is for the uninitiated, basic embroidery skills & motiviation will do. There will be no stitchy snooty-ness just pure shading fun!


  1. Will you ship internationally? To the US? I would love to take this. I am always SO impressed with your embroidery. :)

    1. hi Zoe, I just send you an e-mail with more info :) And for anyone else who is reading along: yes I send the kits out to wherever you are, the workshop is online and can be attended by anyone with an internet connection and an e-mail address. :)


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