Tuesday, June 9

A Fine Pen: Trying a New Iron-on Transfer pen

A few weeks ago I received a new Sublime Stitching invention: the Fine Tip Iron-on Transfer Pen.* Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Could this new pen resolve the issues I have with Iron-on pens? I think it does!

My main problem with iron-on pens (I used Sulky Pens in the past) is the thick lines they produce. You need a minimum of four strands to cover the design. Another issue is the uneven distribution of ink when tracing a design. I tried out the Sublime Stitching Fine Tip Pen with a small Squirrel design, which I traced without blobs or other unwanted side-effects onto tracing paper. The ink is permanent so make sure you trace the design carefully.

I followed the instructions on the package and pre-heated my fabric (a small scrap of lovely quality cotton satin) and then put the tracing paper on top, with the ink-side down. After pressing briefly with a hot iron (no more than 10 seconds) this is the result:

The lines of the transferred Squirrel are nice and even. Maybe not as thin as the original design but definitely thin enough to cover if you stitch with two strands or more. I'm fill stitching my Squirrel so the transfer works out fine for me. The ink transfers several times and you can always re-trace the design of course. For really detailed or delicate work I will still use a regular pencil to trace a design but I'm charmed by Sublime Stitching's Fine Tip Pen and think it's a great addition to my embroidery tool kit. The Fine Tip Pen is available in five different colours and costs $6.50 (or $25 for a set of five)

Oh and this is the Squirrel with a little bit of stitching done.

It's supposed to be a Turquoise Squirrel but he looks more Blue to me. Either way, the colour choice is very different from what I usually would choose to stitch a furry creature but I so enjoy stitching this!

*I received this pen without obligations to try it or write about it. As always all my opinions are my own. So if I like something, I really like it :) 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm very excited about these--I love Sulky pens, but I agree--the line is too thick! Glad to have a finer tipped option now!

  2. Thanks for such an informative post.I usually stitch with one or two strands so other pens are always too thick(as you said) and now looking forward to trying out this fine tip pen. Love your squirrel btw:) xx

  3. I have had a lot of the same problems you listed with transfer pens - line too thick, sometimes getting unexpected blobs, difficult for details, etc. - and had all but given them up. Definitely going to try this option!

  4. I've just received mine too - so much better than the Sulky pens. A great option if you want to stitch an outline with just 2 or 3 threads (probably 3 to make sure you really cover the line). I love your Blue Squirrel!

  5. Awesome, I used my sulky pen once and then it was dried up when I tried it several months later - thanks for the review!


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