Thursday, June 11

Designer Insights!

A little while ago I was asked to answer a few questions about my design process. I chose some craft/embroidery favourites as well. If you are interested you can read more below or here. :)

For some reasons I couldn't find links in the article for my 'Top Choices'. So from one to five (although I didn't put them in a particular order):
1. Satsuma Street Patterns. This one is called Pretty Little San Francisco and just this week Pretty Little Hong Kong came out.
2. Sophie Simpons' new book Secret Garden Embroidery (which I will be reviewing next week!)
3. Heather Ross' new fabric line Tiger Lily 
4. Needlepoint kit Kumo by POMPOM Design. I interviewed POMPOM Design founder Helena on the &Stitches blog last week.
5. Lovely The beaks, the birch and the bees design by Hanna Mason found on Spoonflower (via Pinterest)

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics

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