Friday, October 2

Villains Only Stitchalong

Over on the &Stitches blog we are hosting a super fun Villains Stitchalong! That's right, only bad characters and nasty individuals from books, comics and movies, are allowed. Check all the details (and prizes!) here.

I'm sticking to my original choice: the 10.000 Volt Ghost (Watt a Shocking Ghost) from Scooby Doo. Over the years I probably have seen all episodes of the old and new Scooby Doo series and this is one of my favourite villains. Of course, the villains from Scooby Doo always turned out to be a 'normal' person wearing a monster or ghost suit. :)  I must admit that I was very much tempted to choose a Game of Thrones character, they are nearly all villains aren't they? Although Joffrey Baratheon really takes the cake in terms of nastiness...

Anyway, it would be so much fun to have lots of people stitching up their favourite villain this month. So please read the details on the &Stitches blog (there are very few rules) and start stitching along today! Use the #VillainsSAL tag when you post on social media so we can see what everyone is up to.


  1. How fun!! My kids are huge Scooby Doo fans, they would love this!

  2. that is awesome and i cannot wait to see this come to life!


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