Monday, October 5

Even More Knitting Adventures...

A little while ago I decided to try my hand at knitting again. I saw a Cowl pattern in Knitting Smitten that I really liked but first I needed to learn how to do a Moss Stitch. I watched a few Youtube videos until I found one that 'clicked', one that made total sense to me. Anyway, after a few failed attempts, I got the hang of it! It's really not that hard to master and it gives a lovely textured effect. I only need to make a note after each row to make sure I continue with the right stitch. :)

In the book circular needles are used, but even though I did buy them I ended up using regular needles. This meant that after I had finished I had to sew the ends together, which went ok but I can imagine a seamless cowl is nicer. I used wooden needles, size 9mm and just knitted until I was happy with the fit around my neck.  The yarn, Katia Inca in a green/blue colourway, was lovely to work with. The colours remind me of peacock feathers, and the variegated effect is delightfully random :)  The next project is to knit a scarf for my husband with a ribbed effect. After that I'd love to move away from the cowls and scarfs and try something a little more challenging. I was thinking maybe a very simple cardigan? Suggestions are welcome!

More knitting news. Only a few days ago I found out about a great Kickstarter project from Leah Coccari-Swift and Teresa Gregorio called the Great Northern: Knitting Patterns inspired by Twin Peaks.  If you like Twin Peaks, knitting or both then why not support these creative ladies and their fabulous project!


  1. your cowl looks so awesome, nice yarn colour choice! I agree the Twin Peaks is a great concept, I've previously contributed and am hoping they get their funding!

    1. Thank you! There were many great colours to choose from but this was one of my favourites :) And yes, the world needs a Twin Peaks Knitting Book. Although I'm pretty sure it's too advanced for my knitting skills...


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