Friday, October 16

Fowl Talk. A New Pattern!

I've been pretty busy designing, stitching a writing this new pattern. It's called 'Fowl Talk' and it's inspired by Shakespearean insults and grumpy birds. It combines a few of my favourite things: owls, flowers, quotes and literature. With a bit of 16th century swearing thrown in for good measure. "I'll tickle your catastrophe' sounds so much better than 'I'll kick your posterior",  doesn't it? And the addition of flowers make it almost a friendly message as well! A great gift for unsuspecting family members or colleagues. :D

Included in the pattern is a stitch and colour key. The stitches used are pretty basic so it isn't a complicated or slow pattern to make. The Fowl Talk pattern is only available as PDF in my Etsy store for now. You may remember that I stopped selling PDF's since the beginning of this year. This was partly due to complications with new European VAT legislation and I also wanted to do more with my embroidery than 'just' making patterns. A lot of my time in the first half of 2015 went into getting some of my patterns printed (a lengthy process) and writing the Simply Shading workshop (of which I'm very proud). And I was, and am still exploring new paths with my embroidery. But I do miss releasing a pattern every now and then and regularly I get requests for PDF versions of my other patterns, so I though I'd give the PDF a whirl again. See how it goes.

And if snarky owls aren't your thing, please remember there is free shipping in October on all iron-on patterns in both my Follow the White Bunny shop and my Etsy store if you use code SHIPSHIP  at the checkout!

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