Friday, October 22

Colourful leaves and Embroidery Stitch Challenge #3

Remember the Bear and Squirrel embroidery I was working on? I started fill stitching the Big Bear's fur and I just didn't like the way it looked. Sometimes things don't turn out the way you had imagined I guess. And if you have spend hours and hours stitching it's hard to make the decision to stop and start over. But I did and I'm very pleased with the result so far. On the picture above you can see a bit of the New Bear. :) I love how well the soft shade of pink on the linen works with the dark brown colour of the Bear and the intense colours of the leaves.

Luna made some colourful leaves too this week! It's Fall Break and she loved this craft activity. First we went out to find some leaves, she painted them and then used them as stamps. After that I cut a couple of Halloween themed shapes (a Witches hat, a pumpkin etc) from a bit of cardboard and she used those as stamps as well. We are planning to make a Fall/Halloween themed banner with these. :)

Moving on to the Embroidery Stitch Challenge #3: the Chevron Stitch. I only have a vague notion of what the Chevron Stitch is and I will certainly need to look it up before I started trying it this weekend. It would be fun if you could join me! Please post your most awesome stitches in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery!

And I almost forgot to mention that I was very pleased being featured on Beth's blog with an interview about patterned fabrics, tales and embroideries and much more! 

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