Saturday, November 13

Royalty on my Doormat! (& Embroidery Stitch Challenge #6)

Last a week I finally got to meet the Castle Peeps 'in person' as the Royal Sampler Patterns and Limelight Bard Mini Quilt Patterns arrived at my house. I'm absolutely smitten with how stylish and pretty the patterns turned out! The patterns hold a colour key, an example of the finished embroidery, an iron-on pattern and a large sheet with details about colours and stitch suggestions.

The Limelight Bard Mini Quilt also has instructions on how to make the mini quilt of course. I will list both patterns later this week in my shop but I will have only a couple of each in stock for now!

For this week's Embroidery Stitch Challenge I just picked a stitch that I didn't know from one of my books: the Loop Stitch.

P.S. don't forget: there are still a few days left to enter the 'Quick and the Thread' Giveaway!

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  1. I love the color key and sample finished design that are included with the pattern -- they're so lovely!

    Pretty miniquilt =).


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