Thursday, December 2

I'm still here...

but I'm bit overwhelmed by... well everything really. Snow, children, December festivities, unfinished projects and just daily stuff like cooking, washing and feeding the birds! But when I have an hour or two and I have a little energy left, I'm spending my time working on a new quilt from Elizabeth Hartman's book 'The practical guide to patchwork'.

This book was actually a Christmas present for myself but it's so great I couldn't put it aside for another month! For me, having made only a few quilts, it's the perfect book. Lots of info on the basics of quilting and many great projects for both newbies and more confident quilters. I'm doing the 'Small Plates' pattern now using a fabric bundle of mixed fabric designs I bought a while ago and some fabrics from my stash too. Lots of grassy greens, sky blues, white, grey and a few red accents added for good measure.

If you were thinking of doing some embroidery this winter you might want to look at my December Special Package Deal I have in the shop now. Also, because I'm near to my 1000th Etsy sale, I'm going to draw one winner from. Sales 981 through to number 1000. The prize is a PDF Pattern of choice from my Etsy shop.


  1. we have heaps of snow too, I think making a quilt is a perfect thing to do snuggled up indoors. Congrats on nearly reaching 1000 sales :) Catherine x

  2. nice that you got elizabeth's book. i ended up getting malka's 'fresh quilting'. i'll have to browse through elizabeth's book if i see it at the store. is her book just quilts?

  3. @Catherine: Thanks!

    @Beth: I was just looking at your review of 'Fresh Quilting' 'The practical guide' only has quilts. But they are really great quilts, I actually would love to make them all. And it's not often that I come across a craft book and really like all the projects.
    As far as I could see anyone interested in learning how to could pick up the book and learn the basics of patchwork and quilting from it, including binding etc. A couple of the projects are really for people with more quilt experience than I have but maybe with the help of this book I will get there one day!

  4. Wow, 1,000th sale, all so well deserved too. I have been very similar lately, everything seems to be slowing me down - especially the weather! It's been incredibly cold here for several weeks now and winter has only just begun! Oh well, at least the snow looks pretty. Keep feeding those birds, they'll thank you for it :)


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