Saturday, May 21

Floss Revolution

Yesterday I realised that I really needed to buy some new floss soon because my floss boxes were beginning to look very empty... The thing is that I don't like buying new floss very much because I don't know what flosses I have, what I need and what I want to complete the DMC collection (I mean: who wouldn't want to own all of DMC's six stranded flosses? I know I do!). Also, I'm not a person who makes lists and I'm not great at keeping track of my stuff.

My floss is (sort of) sorted by colour. Or rather was  sorted by colour because I did something drastic today! Floss Revolution! I took out all of the bobbins and put them in order of DMC number. Crazy, I know...because it is widely known that the DMC numbers seem  are kind of random sometimes. So putting them in order by their number doesn't not result in a very organised looking box, colourwise. You might find a grey shade, next to a brown one, and a green floss next to that. But I do know now how many different colours of DMC floss I have (168 and with the ones I ordered yesterday about 200), what I don't have (200+) and which ones I have several times. Apparently I really like 166 and 3766. :)

And from now on I'll probably use my Great Book of Flosses to choose colours for my embroidery work and I will be able to find them easily in my newly organised floss box! 

If you want to learn a bit about the history of DMC floss, read this great post on the Mr.X Stitch blog.

P.S. I'm not being sponsored by DMC or anything (wish I was!), it's just the floss I used most (but not exclusively I have some Anchor too)


  1. Good Job! I just re-started embroidering a few months ago and have been rebuilding my stash of threads. And I am still debating whether to organize by color or by number. I have lots of odd threads from thrift shopping.

  2. You are very organised. I try to be, but then when tidying up after a project always seem to be in a hurry and put them back just anywhere. Like you I have some that I seem to have 2 or 3 of.

  3. hello , i really get u
    i want to have all the colours of dmc too :P , eventhough i restarted embroidery two years ago ,
    i wish i could get organized as well, but i have alot of work for that :P
    big hug from athens greece

  4. Looks lovely all organised like that! I need to get a container that stores my floss properly! They are wound onto cards but then just chucked into a tin!

  5. I did some floss organizing this weekend too. I love getting new floss and winding it up on the bobbins.. they look so perfect and neat! I hated adding them to my floss box though where some of the the bobbins have bent corners. lol

    I love that photo you've posted at the end, colors & numbers together. Is that one of dmc's color cards? Or did you make it? I'm intrigued!


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