Thursday, May 19

I wonder why...

Follow the white bunny (more forest sketches)

I was looking through some of my older photos on Flickr and came across this sketch I made a couple of years ago. I wonder why I pictured the Moose from this angle though...*giggles* It was right at the start of my Follow the White Bunny adventure and I had just decided to choose the 'Follow the White Bunny' name in favour of 'Polka Dot Bunny'.


  1. I love this possible pattern....and I am so glad you chose follow......

  2. I've loved this since I first saw it in your photostream! A pattern someday???

  3. Thanks all! :) I wasn't planning on making this into a pattern. Although the thought of embroidering moose fur is kind of attractive. Mmmmm....


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