Wednesday, May 18

New Sailing Polar Bear Pattern!

My new pattern is here and I'm so excited about it! As with all my newer patterns it has a colour and stitch guide( but  I'm sure you all will do a great job at doing your 'own thing' with this pattern) and you can buy your own downloadable copy here for only $3.75!  I also have adjusted (slightly lowered!) the prices on some of my other patterns in my new shop so you might want to check those out too!  Hope to 'see' you there soon. :)  Prices in my Etsy shop will be adjusted later this week.


  1. Too adorable for words really....cheers!

  2. As always are a master of the brilliant idea!!! Wonderful..I love the shading you've done on Mr. Bear..

  3. Oh I just love this little sailor bear! I need to embroider this onto some pillowcases for my little grandson -- he would love them.


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