Monday, October 31

Monkey 2.0 (Name that Pattern)

I made a new version of the Crafty Monkey, tweaked the pattern a bit et voila! Available as a pattern later this week. I'm going to personalise it and stitch some lettering on the banner. :) If anyone has a better name for the pattern than 'Monkey 2.0' let me know, there might just be a free Monkey pattern for the best entry!

Thursday, October 27


A little while ago I showed a little detail of this 'Tweet' embroidery and because Thomas posted about the pillow he made with it yesterday, I thought I would share it here as well. :)  I sent it across the Big Pond, Monday a week ago and it took a little longer to arrive than I had expected but luckily just in time for Thomas to whip up a pillow and take it with him to Quilt Market in Houston, yay!

 Photo taken from Thomas' blog!
Using the word 'Tweet' is especially appropriate because I 'met' Thomas on Twitter! Oh and because of the birdies in the Pear Tree fabrics of course...If you want to 'Tweet' me too, you can find and follow me on Twitter!

A PDF pattern (not sure if it will be an embroidery pattern or sewing/embroidery pattern) will be available soon. At least that is the plan. :) It's a fun pattern to embroider, I especially enjoyed embroidering the swirly bits and the brackets!

Thursday, October 20

Monkey business

I thought I'd draw the little monkey I stitched for Katy before I send the embroidery off to her, just in case I want to make a pattern from it.  ;)

In the mean time my youngest 'monkey' has been busy with some embroidery as well.

It is Fall Break over here (hence the not blogging for a week) and Luna wanted to start an embroidery. I often choose the smaller patterns from Sublime Stitching for the kids to stitch as they are not too hard and don't take forever to finish. This cute Maneki Neko is from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad. Instead of the traditional white with black/reds accents Luna has chosen floss colours to match our own (Tabby) cat Tijger. :)

After teaching Luna the back stitch last year, I now taught her the split stitch. Luna embroiders with a 'real' needle, which may not be a great idea for all six year olds but she is doing brilliantly so far! Are your kids interested in learning how to embroider too?

Thursday, October 13

Ask me, ask me, ask me...

1. a is for ..., 2. S embroidery, 3. 038

After reading this post on Thomas's blog, I thought it would be fun to do some similar crowd-sourcing here as well!  Ask me a question and I will try my best to weave the answer into my 'about me page'. It doesn't have to be craft or embroidery related, it can be anything (as long as it is ... you know...decent and not too personal, of course I reserve all right to ignore questions!). So ask me, ask me, ask me! From my favourite Scooby Doo Villain (which was the question I asked Thomas) to my least favourite subject in school, and from my preferred way of transport to which embroidery stitch I can't perform..Very curious what you all will come up with!

All lettering in the photo is from my beloved 'Stitched Lettering' group!

Tuesday, October 11 a Pear Tree is a little sneak peek of something I'm embroidering to go with Thomas Knauer's adorable line of fabric called 'Pear Tree'.

One of the fabrics from Pear Tree
As we both love fonts, typography and all that, we had to sneak in some (well a bit more than 'some') lettering in this collaborative project. I have chosen some fairly textural stitches for the lettering and I'm particularly pleased with how the (split) stitching on the swirly bit turned out!

In the meantime I'm also working on another fun project which I know some of you will enjoy! Oh and I'm trying to feed the family too sometimes...So if progress on the pattern ideas I was working on (Badger, Owl Pillow) earlier is a little slow, bear with me. :)

Wednesday, October 5

Sweet Beetle Bug Free embroidery patterns and a new winner!

You may remember I stitched a couple of cute little bugs a couple of months ago based on Saffron Craig's Beetle Bug fabrics. It has gone a bit quiet after that but finally we decided to make these available as a freebie embroidery pattern for you all! Woohoo! If you go here and sign up on Saffron's site you will receive an email with a link. The little bug is great for tea towels and napkins and the lantern bugs are lovely on a pillow case (in the pattern you will also find the lettering for the words 'Nite Nite Bugs'). Be sure to check out Saffron's other fabrics too. The softie panels make great quick and easy Christmas gifts for the little ones!

I'm also happy to announce that I found a winner for my Baby Go! Fabric Cutter. Lisab  (comment no.4) is the winner. I have already contacted her and she is very pleased with her prize. Congratulations Lisa!

If you haven't already please take a look at the special offer for Follow the White Bunny Blog readers that Carina has for you: a 10% discount on her online Christmas Stitches Embroidery Class! Read all about it in the blog post below.

Monday, October 3

Ready for some...Christmas Stitching ?

I can't believe it's October already! It has been crazy warm weather here the last week or so which is very unusual for this time of year. Still the calendar says it's only 85 days till Christmas! Therefore I thought you all might be interested in the 'Christmas Stitches' Embroidery Class my Feeling Stitchy colleague Carina (of Polka and Bloom) is offering.

The class starts on October 17th and runs for 4 weeks, ending on November 13th. In the weeks before the class starts, you will receive a list of materials needed and a link to the class site. A Christmas stocking, ornaments, a brooch and various patterns will be among the projects included in the course. All in Carina's own wonderful unique Scandinavian inspired style.You can find more information and sign up for the class here.  The great thing is that Follow the White Bunny readers get a special discount! Mention "Snowbunny" when you check out with Paypal to get a 10% refund. Valid until October 9th. That's pretty cool, right?