Friday, October 30

New Jackalope pattern! (and save a $)

After lots of unpicking, re stitching and  much pattern drawing the Jackalope embroidery/pattern is finished and in the shop! If you buy the pattern before the 31 st of October midnight (Amsterdam time) I will refund you 1 $! Just mention Bunny$ in the notes to seller. :)

I'm very happy with how he turned out. The fill stitches in several shades of grey, silver and blue gave him a soft furry look. The moss was a good excuse to go crazy with tiny french knots in variegated floss. And the rippling running stitches gave the back ground a bit more 'depth' I think.

Wednesday, October 28

How not to quilt...

Me and my Autumn Quilt  have arrived at my least favourite part of making a quilt: the actual quilting itself. I have not been a very adventureous quilter in the few quilts I made. Usually I 'stitch in the ditch' along the seam lines. I once tried some free motion quilting but I'm still a bit scared of it. Not sure my simple sewing machine is up to more advanced quilting stuff either. I have a hard time pushing any quilt larger than a lap quilt size through the machine too.

A while I ago I bought Material Obsession, a lovely book about quilting. Besides several pretty patterns it also covers the basics of quilting, including hand-quilting. I thought maybe hand-quilting might be the right thing for me. It's seems to me it's like doing a large embroidery or something?

Anyway I started unsuccesfully quilting my Autumn Quilt this morning on my sewing machine. It looked terrible. It turned out I forgot to change the foot and the needle to the special quilt ones. I'm also not convinced the thread I'm using is quite right for the job either. : / Hopefully I'll be able to sort it all out (but not today) and move on to my favourite bit of the whole process: hand sewing the binding on. :)

Sunday, October 25

Sunday stash #20 Happy Garden :)

I can highly recommend these eco-responsible fabrics by Cloud9. This particular line is called 'My happy Garden' and you may remember I blogged about these recently.

Saturday, October 24

Apple pie recipe & Jackalope in progress

This afternoon I thought it was about time I made another Dutch Apple Pie. Last time I made one was quite a while ago! Besides apples there are raisins and walnuts in there too.  It's really quite easy to make and absolutely yummy!

To make a Dutch Apple Pie you need: 300 gr self raising flour, 150 gr + 50 gr white sugar, a couple of teaspoons vanilla sugar, 175 cold butter (of good quality) in dice, 1 lightly beaten egg, 1 kg of hard (sour) apples peeled and chopped, 50 gr raisins, 50 gr chopped walnuts, 3 teaspoons cinnamon and one squeeze of a lemon.

Mix the flour, 150 gr of the white sugar, vanilla sugar, butter and most of the egg and knead until the dough is soft. Grease a spring form pan and cover the inside evenly with 3/4 of the dough. I always put it in the form in patches. Mix the apple, raisins, walnuts, 50 gr of sugar, cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon juice and put it in the spring form. Put the rest of the dough in a checked pattern on top of the Apple mix. and some of the beaten egg on the checked pattern. Bake on 175 degrees in a pre-heated oven for 75 minutes. I always eat my Apple Pie with whipped cream. :)

So, now on to my Jackalope embroidery! I'm rather pleased with how it's turning out. When you stitch something without a proper pattern it's hard to decide where and when to stop. I don't think I will add much more to it now. Obviously I will fill the empty patches on the Jackalope and add a little more detail to it's fur in a dfferent colour.

Friday, October 23


We have an amazing Zoo within a 8 minute walk from our house. Since it's so close we've got a family subscription so we can visit as often as we like (which is quite often) and for as long as we like. Everytime we discover new animals we had not seen before. Like the Manul, which my daughter thought looked like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

And we spotted this lonely looking Polar Bear in the Antartic section.  A few Arctic foxes and Snow Owls can be found there too. Because I had managed to get lost a couple of times during this particular visit and we were very tired, we took the Bicycle Cab home. A very environment- friendly way of transport. :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my Jackalope! I will share a picture of it's progress  tomorrow!

Photo taken near my house, from the backseat of the Bicycle Cab.

Wednesday, October 21

Painting with thread

Yesterday I started this Jackalope embroidery. The Jackalope is a new magical character in the Forest. I drew the Jackalope (which is still missing it's antlers) directly on the fabric with my new fine-liner water soluble marker. And now I'm 'free-style' filling him with several shades of blue, grey and white (the blue is a variegated floss). I call it 'painting with thread' because it really is similar to painting. I could never make a pattern reconstructing exactly all the stitches I did here and that makes embroidering this all the more fun!

Tuesday, October 20

'tis the season to go shopping!

I can't believe it's already almost November! High time to start  (or continue) crafting and shopping for the Holidays. Here are a couple of  Etsy shops I bought from last year and that you might want to check out.
  • Earlier this year I bought a neat and handy DIY Oilcloth Lunch Bag Kit from Rickrackqueen. My girls use their unique lunch bags I made them every day. If you are a bit pressed for time you can just pass on the whole kit as a gift without actually making the lunchbags. ;) 
  •  These cards from Joutomaa are lovely! Could pass for Christmas cards easily...Adorable gift tags by Emily Martin can be found here.
  • A little while ago I bought this print from DoecDoe.  Perfect for family members who like sheep and paint-by-numbers-paintings. :D  It's  going to hang in my kitchen but would look cute in a nursery too I think. 
  • For the littlest members of the family super sweet handmade stuff at Weepereas. I bought a pair of baby booties (to give as a present) and they were so well made!
  • Yummy lip balm from Bunny Butt Apothecary.
  • Pretty hair accesories can be found at Cutecumber's shop.
Happy shopping!

Sunday, October 18

Sunday stash #19 Sew cute!

I know I have shown these Alexander Henry fabrics (or at least some of them) before on this blog but they are so cute! Earlier this year (or was it last year? I can't remember)  I could not resist an Ebay bargain and bought a whole lot of these. All are smaller pieces which would be perfect for a quilt-y kind of thing or even better a sewing machine cozy like Bethie made a little while ago!

Friday, October 16

New paths (and sneak peek)

I'm always full of new ideas and this is one of those things I needed to try. It involves felt, embroidery floss and very basic sewing skills. I'm hoping to be able to share more of it with you all soon!

Meanwhile I'm still dabbling in the Embroidery Pattern Selling Business of course and I've opened a tiny new shoppe on Artfire. Artfire is a bit like Etsy but is has no ad or selling fees for sellers and buyers don't have to register to buy (I'm told). I'm giving it a go, see if it works for me. While only a few of the patterns are on Artfire though, all of my patterns are available in my Etsy shop.

Enough of this shop talk now, time to wish you all a happy weekend!

Tuesday, October 13

Pillow talk

I just received Jenny Hart's new book Embroidered Effects in the mail and this (see photo) could very well be the first project I will be making from this book! In our house pillowcases rarely match the duvet covers. I'm not sure how it happens but pillowcases often seem to get temporarily lost in the huge amounts of laundry I have to do every week. But since I started stitching pillowcases this is no longer a problem and I now have a choice of three extra pillowcases (see them here, here and here)!

I have only flicked through Embroidered Effects but it looks like a 'must have' for beginners (I wish I had it when I started out) and fans of Sublime Stitching. There is lots of info about tools and fabrics, stitches, extra effects (sequins for example). Many fun projects and even quite a few transfers are added. Some of the patterns have been released earlier in the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad by the way, most patterns are new to me.

After all this Sublime Stitching talk  I'd like to add that some of my own designs would be wonderful on pillow cases too, like the hibernating bear and hedgehog!

Sunday, October 11

Sunday stash #18 And it was all YELLOW!

I thought some cheery yellow fabrics would be nice on a cloudy autumn day! I shall try to name them from the top: April Showers by Alexander Henry, three 30's reproduction fabrics, Joel Dewberry's Wood grain, Sandi Henderson Farmers Market, the next three are all American Retro, A Heather Bailey Paisley fabric, Don't know and a small scrap of Princess and the Pea by Heather Ross.

More Sunday Stash here.

Friday, October 9

Mr. Squirrel in happier times....

This is a drawing I made of Mr. Squirrel when we were happily adding names and email addresses to our mailing list earlier this week and were dreaming of delivering our simple yet elegant Newsletter and cute Bear pattern in all of the electronic mailboxes today. Alas, it was not to be. Gmail has decided that my mailing is 'spam' and has blocked all my outgoing mail. Hopefully temporarily. Mr. Bunny is looking into the problem now as he knows a bit about computers and stuff (and I clearly don't!)

Anyway, I'd like to share a bit of news with you  from the Newsletter. There is a fabulous new website called Magpie Patterns. Magpie Patterns offers a lovely selection of craft books and craft patterns for sewing, crochet, knitting and embroidery. I'm happy to say that most of my embroidery patterns are available through Magpie Patterns now. But of course you can still buy them at ye olde Follow the White Bunny Shoppe on Etsy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Thanks for all your congratulations on our wedding anniversary!

Thursday, October 8

New York in Rotterdam & a skating duo

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary and we had lunch in the hotel were we held our party 11 years ago. Unfortunately the photo I took today doesn't show how remarkable the building really is, but there is a nice picture on the hotel New York website. The hotel is called New York because since the early 20 th century the headquarters of the Holland-America Line were stationed in this building and there was a direct shipping service to, primarly, New York. Many Europeans left from that spot in Rotterdam to seek their fortune in the States. My grandfather worked on the ships of  Holland America Line so this location is extra special to me!


Today I finally was able to put the Skating Girl and Hedgie pattern in the shop. I named it 'Follow me' (thank you Amy for suggesting the title <3). The girl and Hedgie can be stitched as a duo or separately with or without snow or stars and a moon, it's all up to you!

Tomorrow I will try and get the freebie for newsletter subscribers ready so if you are a Bunny Follower you can expect a visit from a Sweet World Travelling Bear soon!

Tuesday, October 6

Hung out to dry

Yes I left my skating hedgie & girl on the washing line to dry, to get rid of a few marks that were annoying me. Hopefully I will be able to finish the embroidery later today, there are still lots and lots of french knots to be added and a moon too!

I started embroidering the skating duo quite a while ago. I got a bit carried away and used lots of fill stitches, they looked o.k.and sometimes even more than o.k. but I think the main thing that was bothering me was the natural/beige coloured fabric I was stitching on. It just didn't have that crisp ice-y look I was looking for. So I started again this time using Kona Cotton Solid Pearl Pink. And instead of lots of fill stitches I mainly used outline (back) stitches on this version. Much better! This cute skating couple will most likely be in the shop later this week... :)

Sunday, October 4

Sunday stash # 17 American Retro

These are a few of the fabrics from Windham's American Retro I recently purchased. Today I'm showing the blue ones only but they really are all gorgeous! In my recent fabric purchases I'm trying to buy more fabric sets (that are designed to go well together) instead of just anything that takes my fancy. :)

Friday, October 2

Through the hoop

Here we have a Bear in Paris. I think his name is Pjotr, he just climbed the Eiffel Tower (on the outside) and is heading towards the Louvres. Pjotr somehow has found time in his busy travelling schedule to visit all Follow the White Bunny Newsletter subscribers next week! So if your name is not on the list yet, send Mr. Squirrel (the Scroll keeper) a note at the mail address on the left side of your screen,  and Pjotr will come round to your house too next week!