Saturday, November 28

Giveaway winner!

So under the close eye of Frankenhedgie (my wobbly tryout felt Hedgie) and terrible light (sorry it's evening over here) I just picked the winner of last weeks giveaway from the Stroop Waffle Jar! As you maybe can tell from the little note (but probably not) it's Gin. But I think Gin is actually called Patricia, so congratulations Patricia! I will send the package off to Canada soon. :)

Thanks for all your comments, kind words and suggestions for the shop.There were things I had already thought about myself (fabric for example) but the idea of making embroidery kits was new to me. I'm already dreaming about cute Follow the White Bunny Bags with colourful hoops and floss giving it some serious thought. Really! :)

Don't forget that my Mini-Sale is still going on, one day left for 20 percent refunds on all patterns (except pattern package deals) in the shop!

Friday, November 27

Lovely bag + Mini-Sale

This afternoon I picked up this gorgeous shopping bag designed by Dutch designer Tord Boorntje. I love his designs! All proceeds of this Artbag are going to the organization Stop Aids Now! so I had absolutely no reason to not buy this bag. :)

Moving on to the Mini-Sale! As you might like to use one (or two or more)  of my patterns to make holiday gifts I have Mini-Sale. From now until this Sunday (including the Sunday that is) I will give you a 20 percent refund via Paypal on all patterns except the Pattern Package Deals. Just mention BunnySale in comments to seller. From the 1st of December or thereabouts the price of some of my patterns will be slightly (not dramatically) raised to cover the Etsy and Paypal expenses. All the more reason to head over to the Follow the White Bunny Shop now!

Wednesday, November 25

Give away time (finally!)

Comments are closed, winner will be announced shortly!

Well here it is (well part of it, some of the stuff has not arrived) my little giveaway to celebrate first three quarters of a year selling on Etsy? 

There is a cute Heather Bailey Turtle Pincushion Pattern. Some fabric and felt you could use for this little project. Lovely soft sunshiny felt, Heather Bailey paisley fabric and Joel Dewberry woodgrain fabric (as you may know this fabric is a personal favourite of mine). Then there is some yummy hand dyed colour coordinated embroidery floss included as well.. And last but not least some Dutch Stroop Waffles! :)

This giveaway ends this Saturday evening 8 o' clock (Amsterdam time). It is primarily intended as a thank you for the support of all my Flickr contacts, Blog and Twitter Followers, Facebook fans, Meet me at Mike blog readers  and of course my Etsy buyers. But anyone else with a good reason to enter is welcome too! ;)
Leave a comment and tell me what else (besides embroidery patterns) you would like to see in my shop!  We'll throw your name in the Stroopwaffle jar and draw a winner Saturday evening. Be sure to leave enough details (either a blog/flickr/other trail) so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner. :)

Monday, November 23

Winter Freebie Pattern!

The ideas for the winter freebie were so diverse that I was unable to incorporate them all in one pattern. I settled for this cute ski ing Koala. I hope you like him! You should be able to click the image and then print the pattern. Do share your Ski ing Koala's in the Follow White Bunny Flickr Group!

Sunday, November 22

Sunday Stash #23 Double Dutch

So here it is, my tiny collection of Dutch themed fabrics! I would like to have some more but I'm usually a bit disappointed with the quality of the fabrics I find here on the local market.

I made some progress on the Chinese Bird and Cherry Blossom and added some lettering. Once the pattern is released it will not have 'Luna' printed on it of course but it's just to show how you could use it. I'm thinking of making a little bag with it (and use some of the fabric you see in the picture) to hold Luna's pj's. On Needle'nThread you will find some excellent posts on embroidering text and lettering. I've drawn mine freehand with my water soluble pen from an example I found on the internet.

Do check back later this week for my giveaway! Still waiting for some goodies I've ordered to arrive. Sometimes it takes so long for stuff to arrive by post that I wonder whether it has to come from Middle Earth carried by hobbits or something. Maybe they can bring along the freebie pattern I promised too. We'll see....
Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, November 19

Little bird

This little birdie is part of a new pattern which has some subtle chinese/japanese references. I think the pattern will have this design and a bookmark design as well. No idea when I will be able to finish it though because since the flu and colds and so on have entered the house (and haven't left yet) progress on everything is so slow.

Hopefully all of the sneezing and coughing will be gone before we enter the busy December month! In the Netherlands we not only celebrate Christmas but also the feast of Sinterklaas (almost pronounced the same as 'Santa Claus' what a coincidence!) on the 5th of December. As Sinterklaas has arrived in the Netherlands last weekend the children are already very excited. Every couple of days until the 5 th of December or so children can place their shoe by the fireplace (centrale heating in our case) in the evening. In the morning usually a present and/or pepernoten (small ginger spiced cookies) can be found in the shoe. 

Sunday, November 15

Big Bird

No Sunday Stash to share with you all today but I did encounter this huge raven while I was visiting some museums in my hometown of Rotterdam which I thought would be fun to show. This afternoon my friend Caroline and I first visited the so called Sonneveld house. A (now museum) house built in the early thirties of the 20th century which was very much ahead of it's time. After that we paid the Kunsthal a visit but it was a bit busy (especially at the Edward Hopper exhibition) so we quickly headed for coffee and cake in the museum restaurant. :) An afternoon well spend!

Last week wasn't a very productive week. I finished a try-out embroidery of Jack and the Beanstalk which wasn't good enough (in my opinion) to actual make it into a 'in the shop pattern'. On the other hand I made lots of new sketches for other patterns of which I will show you some more later this week. The embroidery swap from the last post was canceled but it now looks like it's going to make a new start with slightly different rules.

Lastly I would like some ideas for a new freebie pattern I'm planning to do. Just let me know in the comments if you have an (original!) idea.

Wednesday, November 11

Hoop up!

update: sorry all, the swap has been canceled! :(
John Adams is hosting a fun  Embroidery Swap on Flickr called Hoop up!Stitch and Send Swap. Details can be found here , sign up is until the end of November. Make sure to check the do's and don'ts  before you join!

And totally unrelated. I made a Face Book fan page  (see button on the left), please (please!) check it out and declare your love <3

Tuesday, November 10

New header and many half-finished projects

So what do you think of my new header? The size isn't quite right yet but other than that I'm very happy with it. I'm trying to get myself more acquainted with digital colouring and such, so I spend this morning making a new header using my own drawings.

I also could have tried to finish one (or two or three) of the many unfinished projects around here. Like my half-quilted Autumn Quilt or my tiny Jack and the Beanstalk embroidery (of an upcoming Fairy Tale pattern), or the 30 coasters for Luna's school, or the floor pillow I started 3 weeks ago which probably could be finished within an hour or so. Oh and there is also the Star Quilt to finish. I think I need to make a list and only allow myself to start something new once one of the listed projects is finished!

Sunday, November 8

Sunday stash #22 Dots (and a bit about my Saturday too)

It was in inevitable that the flu would stop by our house too. Unfortunately it meant that the belated birthday party we had planned for Zoe had to be canceled as she was the one that fell ill yesterday.  On top of that it rained the whole day Saturday and just as it was getting dark we had a power failure. : /  It only lasted a couple of hours so it wasn't too bad, but still...

This morning me and Luna went for a walk (me)/ride (Luna) around the block because today is a beautiful and non-rainy Autumn day. If it was up to Luna she would take all the leafs home, but she settled for this collection of huge leafs.

Now moving on to the Sunday Stash. I'm showing you a collection of some of my dotty fabric this week. Every self-respecting stash should have some dots in it! The crinkly one beneath the properly ironed ones is not mine. I'm making 30 (!) coasters for flower pots for my daughters Montessori School with this fabric.

Last but not least I would like to share with you that from now on you can easily access (and bookmark) my blog with this address: and my Etsy shop with this address: I'm dreaming of opening my own little shop on the latter address but I will let you all know when (and if) it happens of course!

Thursday, November 5

Girls in Trees

I did not feel like doing  any embroidery or sewing today so I got out my tiny water colour tin and pencils and made this water colour painting/drawing. As most of these end up in the back of my cupboard (strangely enough I hardly put anything I draw or paint on display in my own home) I thought I'd put it in my shop and hopefully it will end up in a loving home!

Tuesday, November 3

Flossy facts: knotless teatowels (& a bit of this and that)

Until today I had never taken the time to learn how to make 'knotless' starts on my embroidery. For embroidery work where the back is not going to be visible I can't be bothered to be honest. But since I will be embroidering two teatowels pretty soon, this step for step photo tutorial by ATX512 on Flickr came just in time for me!

If you have any flossy facts you want to share, let me know (preferably with nice pictures/links) and I will share it on this blog. Embroidery flossy facts that is, not dental flossy facts. I'm sure there are other sites for that!

Many thanks to everyone who commented and mailed about the Feeling Stitchy interview, I appreciate all your kind words very much!

(and That)
As I have a nice round number coming up in terms of Etsy sales I will host a small giveaway on this blog soon  :)

Monday, November 2

Interview with a Bunny on Feeling Stitchy :-)

Oh dear. I knew it was coming but now I feel a bit awkward about it but flattered too ofcourse. Today you can read all about me on one of my favourite embroidery sites Feeling Stitchy. :)

I tried to fit a screenshot of the interview in this post but somehow failed miserably and instead I give you a sneak peek of what I'm currently working on.

Sunday, November 1

Sunday stash #21 Birdies!

Yes, I have a soft spot for fabric with birds on. I have been coveting that Cath Kidston Bird fabric (in the left upper corner), there is only a small piece left now. I would love to have some of that in red too!

Fabrics (as far as I can remember the names) from the top clockwise: Lizzy House's Red Letter Day Ducks (for Luna's I Spy Star Quilt), Aunty Cookie (thinking about framing that one), Japanese owls, Tina Givens Fairy Tip toes (I think), Cath Kidston's birds and the red owl in the middle is fabric by Saffron Craig.