Sunday, May 29

And the Alice Rabbit Pattern goes to...

Thanks to all the lovely stitchers who entered my mini-giveaway! There were 19 entries here and 1 on Facebook (because some people can't comment on blogs due to problems with Blogger), I decided to award an extra pattern to Ligia (who commented on Facebook) because she added a whole song to her comment (this tactic only works once peeps...) The other 19 were thrown into the hat called and surprisingly it chose entry number 1, Alejandra, as winner! Please contact me both at followthewhitebunny [at] e-tropolis dot nl  so I can send the Rabbit your way!

Friday, May 27

Update Alice White Rabbit Pattern & weekend giveaway!

I have updated my PDF embroidery pattern of the White Rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland) a bit. I cleaned up the original, and added a little intro and a reversed version of the original to the pattern. It's a sweet little pattern and perfect to try out your fill stitching skills! I'm giving one of these patterns away this weekend to one of the followers of this blog. So please make sure you are truly a Bunny Follower! Giveaway ends this Sunday at noon (Amsterdam time) so be quick! comments are closed, winner will be announced later today. You can also buy the pattern here...and if you win the giveaway I will refund the money. :)

p.s. I know that, since last week, people who use blogger/blogspot etc. can have trouble with posting comments, if that is the case please leave a comment on my Facebook page instead on the giveaway post only. One comment per blog follower please! Good luck everyone!

update: the 'google friend'/follow option is somewhere on the right hand side of this page!

Monday, May 23

Happy mail & a peek of a new project

Just when I needed something to lift my spirits this arrived in the mail from my Danish embroidery friend Carina! How sweet is this needle book? I can store plenty of needles in it and it has a neat little pocket to put some floss in as well. :)  I know (and this is not why she send me one trust me!) that Carina sells these in her shop too. Thank you Carina!'s a little something I've been working on in the past week. I've been 'playing' with Saffron Craig's 'Beetle Bugs' fabrics, trying to translate them into embroidery. I kept the design very close to Saffron's original designs for this line of fabric. Not sure where this will lead but I'm very pleased with this 'Bouncy Bug' design. Even my husband commented on it! (in a good way....)

Wouldn't this be cute embroidered on a boy's pillow case? Or on a book bag? Let me know what you think!

Sunday, May 22

Sunday Stash #39 Boy fabrics

This is fabric I bought to make a baby quilt for a friend of mine. She really likes orange and modern and hip prints and colours so I assume she will like these! Since I (sort of) still try to not buy too many fabrics I only bought some fat quarters of cute Laurie Wisbrun Urban Circus fabrics and a yard of Lizzy House's Castle Peeps fabric for the border.  Maybe I will add one or two coordinating solids and hopefully there are some fabrics hiding in my stash that will coordinate with these fun fabrics!

Saturday, May 21

Floss Revolution

Yesterday I realised that I really needed to buy some new floss soon because my floss boxes were beginning to look very empty... The thing is that I don't like buying new floss very much because I don't know what flosses I have, what I need and what I want to complete the DMC collection (I mean: who wouldn't want to own all of DMC's six stranded flosses? I know I do!). Also, I'm not a person who makes lists and I'm not great at keeping track of my stuff.

My floss is (sort of) sorted by colour. Or rather was  sorted by colour because I did something drastic today! Floss Revolution! I took out all of the bobbins and put them in order of DMC number. Crazy, I know...because it is widely known that the DMC numbers seem  are kind of random sometimes. So putting them in order by their number doesn't not result in a very organised looking box, colourwise. You might find a grey shade, next to a brown one, and a green floss next to that. But I do know now how many different colours of DMC floss I have (168 and with the ones I ordered yesterday about 200), what I don't have (200+) and which ones I have several times. Apparently I really like 166 and 3766. :)

And from now on I'll probably use my Great Book of Flosses to choose colours for my embroidery work and I will be able to find them easily in my newly organised floss box! 

If you want to learn a bit about the history of DMC floss, read this great post on the Mr.X Stitch blog.

P.S. I'm not being sponsored by DMC or anything (wish I was!), it's just the floss I used most (but not exclusively I have some Anchor too)

Thursday, May 19

I wonder why...

Follow the white bunny (more forest sketches)

I was looking through some of my older photos on Flickr and came across this sketch I made a couple of years ago. I wonder why I pictured the Moose from this angle though...*giggles* It was right at the start of my Follow the White Bunny adventure and I had just decided to choose the 'Follow the White Bunny' name in favour of 'Polka Dot Bunny'.

Wednesday, May 18

New Sailing Polar Bear Pattern!

My new pattern is here and I'm so excited about it! As with all my newer patterns it has a colour and stitch guide( but  I'm sure you all will do a great job at doing your 'own thing' with this pattern) and you can buy your own downloadable copy here for only $3.75!  I also have adjusted (slightly lowered!) the prices on some of my other patterns in my new shop so you might want to check those out too!  Hope to 'see' you there soon. :)  Prices in my Etsy shop will be adjusted later this week.

Sunday, May 15

Another way to transfer an embroidery pattern...print and iron on

For the Embroidery Commons project (I wrote about it here) I needed to transfer some text to fabric. My assigned line is "In the same way". And because the term the Mr. X Stitch family  (of which I am temporarily part of for this project, like a distant Dutch cousin) is stitching, is 'Fractal', I thought it would be fun to embroider the same line four times. I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to Fractals but I do know they tend to repeat themselves a bit.  Mr. Bunny got the idea to add another layer of clever by using a simple pattern within the pattern by moving the colour forward one place with each subsequent line.

I thought I'd try to transfer the text to fabric by simply ironing on the text I printed on my laser printer. And I was not disappointed. Sure it's a bit vague but good enough for me to embroider the letters. I ironed it on right after printing and I'm not sure if it will transfer all that well if you wait a bit longer. Before printing the sheet I reversed the text in an image editing program so the text would appear in the right way on the fabric. I tend to use different transfer methods for different type of patterns and I think this way of transferring works well for simple patterns and/or patterns with bold lines. And if you like vague fuzzy lines...;)

Update: this may not work with every printer but it's worth a try, right?

Thursday, May 12

Old Hen

The photo is unrelated to what I actually wanted to write in this post but like many other bloggers I don't like to write posts without a photo so there you go.. I stitched this Hen when I did some embroideries for Lizzy House last year (to go with her Castle Peeps line of fabric) but the Hen didn't make it into the patterns! Lizzy now has a fabulous follow up line by the way, it's called 1001 Peeps.

So...what I wanted to let you know that due to personal circumstances my Etsy shop will be closed for the next couple of days but....The NEW Follow the White Bunny Shop is open for business as usual! There is a pretty awesome package deal in there now of three bestselling patterns with well over 20 pages of patterns, photos and stitch & colour guides.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, May 8

Small embroidery, long story & a very large quilt

This is a small embroidery I'm working on. I think it will be a perfect 'boys' pattern! With each pattern I make, even small ones like these, there at least a few sources of inspiration. What makes a pattern unique in my opinion is how you translate your inspiration into something that is truly your own.

The boat in this pattern is from a sketch I made of a vintage illustration of a Chinese boat, I think it even was a Pirate ship! I love embroideries with text or lettering in them so I decided to include a little sentence I made up in this embroidery as well. One of my friends is expecting a baby in July so when I inquired after colours and themes for a baby quilt the colour orange and the Polar bear came up. The mauve bit on the boat, which I admit is an odd touch, was inspired by the colours of a dress I was wearing last week. And I thought the little patch of fabric on the sail was just a nice thing to add. So...there you go: small embroidery, long story...

And before I move on to my progress report of the Scrap Vomit Quilt I want to share the two pieces of art I received this morning from Zoe and Luna. Even though the Unicorn does look a bit like he is about to do a very large pee I thought it was a lovely drawing.

And I'm impressed by the use of colour in this painting!

The Scrap Vomit Quilt is coming a long nicely. I so enjoy working on it and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of new squares from my quilt-y online friends! It will be 7 by 7 blocks and on the photo (it's the big one, the other is half a lap quilt) you can see the full width laid out on the floor.


Hope you all have a pleasant day today and if you have the time, do hop over to Carina's Craft blog. She has some wonderful giveaways (including one for a voucher for my shoppe) on her blog right now.

Tuesday, May 3

&...because it's fun

I promised there would be a new pattern from me soon but there isn't one yet and I would like to explain why.  Not sure what happened but sometime, earlier this spring I lost my embroidery mojo a tiny bit. Only a tiny bit... On top of that  I also felt slightly pressurized to release a new pattern. Seeing that others make one pattern after another and my last pattern was months ago! I guess the final straw, was what happened to me a couple of weeks ago (I kind of wrote about it here) which took away any fun that was left in being creative.  So considering all this it was not strange that the pattern I was working on (not the one pictured!), was not coming along smoothly. I'm sure many of you would think it is lovely as it is but I don't want to put anything out there that I'm not 100% (or at least 95%) happy with....

So I put the pattern aside, even though I had been working on it for weeks, and it felt like a big relief! I sorted out my floss, went through my WIP's, dug up this small Ampersand embroidery and finished it! I also went through some older sketches I had made for patterns and found some nice new candidates for (smaller) patterns. After all that my embroidery mojo was back and I'm stitching away on a new pattern idea. Besides that, I also signed up for two fun embroidery projects.

One is the Phat Quarter Swap, I just had to play along this time because the theme of the swap is books! I also know from previous embroidery swaps that it's great for your creativity, even if you are simply following an existing pattern.  The other project, Embroidered Digital Commons, is a bit high brow, which is probably why I don't understand half of it, haha. Several groups are stitching terms from the Digital Commons. I'm in Mr. X. Stitch's group and we are stitching the term 'Fractal'. I was designated  to stitch the words 'In the same way'. I think I can do that!

Another thing that felt really good was opening my own shop (see previous post) with downloadable patterns. Hopefully I will be able to put something new in there soon (but I'm not promising anything!)...

Sunday, May 1

New place to buy my patterns!

I was thinking about opening my 'own shop' for a while now and I quite spontaneously decided to make the switch today! My Etsy shop is still open (and most likely will remain open for some time) but for your future purchases please visit my new shop! The best thing about the new shop is that you can download the pattern you have purchased right away.  Also, you don't have to sign up or anything although payments will still be made via Paypal. Hope to 'see' you soon in my new shop. :)