Sunday, October 31

Sunday Stash #35 Bliss

I only ordered a little bit of the Bliss fabrics recently. Just to see if I liked it enough to order more. I like them all but the 'little- squares-with-flowers' is an absolute winner as far as I am concerned. Could be great in combination with other fabrics as well I think!

Friday, October 29

In which I talk a bit about a lot of different things...

I was browsing through the photos I made in the past year and stumbled upon one of the many progress photos I made of the Castle Peeps project. At the time I couldn't share this, which was really hard because I like to share about every crafty thing I do with you all, :) This sampler must have been one of the biggest embroidery projects I did and certainly the largest!. It didn't even fit my largest (10 inch) hoop. I spent quite a lot of hours embroidering this sampler. It was much fun though and I miss these peeps dearly, for they moved away to live with Lizzy House in the States. The good news however is that some of the Castle Peeps patterns will come and stay with me for a bit. In other words: soon I will have this and the other pattern, of the  'Rockin' Bard,  available in my shop!

For my Embroidery Stitch Challenge of this week (#4) I chose the Cretan Stitch. You can read how me and the Cretan Stitch got on after the weekend.

Yesterday I was featured crafter on the Fat Quarterly blog! So if you'd like to know a bit more about this crafty bunny,  do have a peek at the nice write up they did about me.

As I'm near to my 300th blog post I'm planning a fun giveaway,  so please visit soon to find out more about it! For now you must see this fun giveaway at the Feeling Stitchy blog. You can win an embroidery mystery novel called The Quick and the Thread. How awesome is that? I must read that book, the title alone kills me! Well not literally but you know what I mean. ;)

update: I could not resist and just ordered 2 copies of this book. One for me and one for a lucky winner in my upcoming giveaway!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, October 25

Quilt a long (and already behind) and Challenge #3 the Chevron Stitch

Back in August (I think) a fun Quilt Along started on the Fat Quarterly Blog. I'm not sure why I didn't Quilt Along in the first place (probably because I already had two quilts in "progress") but when I saw the first quilts made from the (easy!) pattern of this Quilt Along I had to start my own quilt. I wanted a pink and orange quilt but somehow the prints and colours of the fabrics I had pulled from my stash didn't work well together so now it's more pink than orange with a yellow polka dot square. At first I thought I had made a mistake with the measurements but the blocks are supposed to be trimmed after they are assembled, so all is well. :) This will be a small version (lap quilt size) and for the backing I will use some of Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannels.

I have also been working on the Semi-Fantastic Mr.Fox from the cute Bird and Little Bird pattern. Mr. Fox is stuffed now (and I immediately ran out of poly fill) but he needs his limbs attached and eyes and a nose embroidered so he is still looking a bit....unfinished right now. I will show him when he's ready to present himself to world! The pattern is very easy to follow by the way and he would make the cutest Christmas present. He's a good size too, I think 15 inches or so.

Friday night I took on my Embroidery Stitch Challenge for this week. Usually I do not embroider much after dark but I have borrowed my mum's Daylight Lamp and it's awesome! I was surprised how different the light was from a 'normal' lamp. Now I want one for myself. :) This weeks challenge was the Chevron Stitch. It wasn't too challenging and I managed to get a pretty decent result after only one try.  I guess it's a nice stitch to make a decorative border or something but I would be surprised if it would pop up in my embroideries often!

Friday, October 22

Colourful leaves and Embroidery Stitch Challenge #3

Remember the Bear and Squirrel embroidery I was working on? I started fill stitching the Big Bear's fur and I just didn't like the way it looked. Sometimes things don't turn out the way you had imagined I guess. And if you have spend hours and hours stitching it's hard to make the decision to stop and start over. But I did and I'm very pleased with the result so far. On the picture above you can see a bit of the New Bear. :) I love how well the soft shade of pink on the linen works with the dark brown colour of the Bear and the intense colours of the leaves.

Luna made some colourful leaves too this week! It's Fall Break and she loved this craft activity. First we went out to find some leaves, she painted them and then used them as stamps. After that I cut a couple of Halloween themed shapes (a Witches hat, a pumpkin etc) from a bit of cardboard and she used those as stamps as well. We are planning to make a Fall/Halloween themed banner with these. :)

Moving on to the Embroidery Stitch Challenge #3: the Chevron Stitch. I only have a vague notion of what the Chevron Stitch is and I will certainly need to look it up before I started trying it this weekend. It would be fun if you could join me! Please post your most awesome stitches in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery!

And I almost forgot to mention that I was very pleased being featured on Beth's blog with an interview about patterned fabrics, tales and embroideries and much more! 

Monday, October 18

Stitch Challenge # 2 Rope Stitch

It took me three tries to get an o.k. result with the Rope Stitch. It was not a difficult stitch to master but to get an even looking result was the hardest part for me. I wanted to use this stitch to make a tree trunk (and add branches later in a different stitch)  so I did not want to end up with totally straight lines. The gentle curves of the tree trunk might have made it a bit trickier to get perfect stitches. I like the slightly raised effect of the Rope Stitch and it actually looks a bit like the Satin stitch. The Rope Stitch is performed differently though and it has slanted and not straight stitches.

Halfway one of my unpicking sessions I decided to start my sampler piece over on a better quality linen. The other linen left holes a bit too easy when stitched on. So I got to practice my Bullion Knot a bit more et voila:

I'm quite happy with how these turned out. Practice really does make perfect! (or at least 'better') However these Bullion Knots were still quite difficult to make as I couldn't find the right needle for making them (a Milliner's needle) I ordered some now and hopefully that will solve the problem.

Sunday, October 17

Yule Yeti

Have you seen the latest special Holiday Edition of Fat Quarterly?  It's full of pretty sewing and quilting projects to make wonderful stuff for the holidays. And there are a couple of embroidery projects in there too, like this little Yule Yeti I made!

Luna loves her Ye-tee and the festive pillowcase I made. :) You can purchase this (and other) issues of Fat Quarterly here.

Friday, October 15

Slightly scary vintage pattern & challenge #2

It's almost Halloween so I thought it was time I showed you the most scary pattern from my vintage pattern collection.(Click on the photo to make it larger) It's probably not meant to be scary but I find the little guy with the stick rather creepy and that Panda Bear definitely has some Zombie like qualities! According to the envelope this pattern could be ironed on fabric for an 'embroidery effect'  so you don't even have to take out your needle and thread! I guess they could be used as iron transfers for embroidery as well though. The pattern was already cut by a previous owner and I could see by the fading of the print that the rather amusing dogs and their cart had been used but Mr. Creepy and Zombie Panda looked like they were unused. Imagine Mr. Creepy on your kids pillowcase! *shudders* 

I really enjoyed practicing the Bullion Knot in  last weeks Embroidery Stitch Challenge and I'm ready to take on the next challenge. One of you put forward the Rope Stitch and I'm going to give it a try in the next few days. I know nothing about this stitch but I did find a video tutorial on Needle 'n Thread, just in case you wanted to find out what kind of stitch it is. You are very welcome to post your Rope and other Stitches in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery!

P.S. the Fall sale in the Follow the White Bunny shop will only continue for 1 more day so be quick!

Thursday, October 14


As a tiny one woman business you can make spontaneous decisions. Like having a Surprise Fall Sale today and tomorrow in the Follow the White Bunny Shop! 20% (20!) off all (ALL!) patterns. Prices are already adjusted to Sale Price. Happy shopping!

Monday, October 11

Bullion Knot musings

A little while ago I had already tried my hand at the Bullion Knot. That went quite well but I only did a few then and  I hadn't made any since. So the first couple of Bullion Knots I tried this weekend didn't go too smoothly. I had read the info on this stitch in all four of my books and also watched this video that Ana posted in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery. She makes perfect Bullion Knots without even using a hoop! Anyway, after the first 'rusty' ones I think I got the hang of it and even began to have some fun with this stitch. I do think I need to use the so called Milliners needles though next time. They have really small/narrow eyes which makes it easier to make this stitch. I struggled with pulling the needle through on most of my knots because the eye on my needle was quite narrow but not narrow enough.

I think this stitch has lots of possibilities! I made a flower and some weird Green Kale kind of plants with it (the original example for that was a rose but I'm not very good at following examples) but it would be perfect to make a tiny snail well! Or, as the other names for this stitch suggest: caterpillars and worms! At this moment I have no fixed idea of what my sampler is going to look like but I thought I'd make at least three sections: the top will be the 'sky', the middle 'land'  (where these flowers are and a huge bunny) and the lower part 'sea'.

If you have decided to play along,  I'd love to see your Bullion Knots in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery and read your experiences with this stitch in the comments! Suggestions for new Stitch Challenge are also welcome, I'm enjoying this. :)

Friday, October 8

Books I learn stitches from & Embroidery Stitch Challenge kick off!

These are the books I use to learn stitches from. From top to bottom: Mary Thomas's  Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches, Stitches of Creative Embroidery by J. Enthoven, The left-handed embroiderer's companion by Yvette Stanton and the A-Z of Embroidery Stitches from Bumpkin Press.  

The left-handed embroiderer's companion truly is my companion and for obvious reasons: all other books have diagrams for right handed stitchers so this book is my first choice to learn stitches from. It has very, very clear diagrams of the stitches too. There is also a version for right handed stitchers. Mary Thomas's book lists many stitches (and the various names they have) but the diagrams are not very clear. My version of this book is from the early fifties and it has been reprinted many times so it's quite possible that the book has improved on this point! The A-Z of Embroidery Stitches is a handy to the point stitch dictionary. It has clear photos of how to make embroidery Stitches from the Algerian Eye Stitch to the Zig Zag Stitch. Jacqueline Enthoven's The Stitches of Creative Embroidery is a wonderful comprehensive book about embroidery stitches. It has lots of information and describes the stitches in detail. I also love the many examples and creative ideas for using embroidery stitches. There are a lot of black and white photos in this book though, it was first released about 50 years ago. Maybe more a book for Stitch Geeks? Anyway all these books have a different approach and you will have to find out for yourself which one suits you best.

If you want to look for information online you can't go wrong with Mary Corbet's NeedlenThread. Her video library of stitches is a wonderful resource for learning new stitches. As is Sharon B's Embroidery Dictionary.

I managed, thanks to some of my dear blog readers, to make a list of Stitches to learn over the next couple of weeks. Today I'm kicking off with the Bullion Knot! A couple of months ago I wrote a little bit about that stitch on Feeling Stitchy.  I'm reporting back on Monday with some examples of my Bullion Knots. If you would like to join in the fun please do! I've started a new Flickr Group called Embroidery Stitch Gallery where you can post your photos of embroidery stitches. You can also post photos there of other stitches than those from the Embroidery Stitch Challenge, but please do tag them correctly (with the stitch name) or mention which stitch you used in the description.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 7

The week that was...

It was quite the week here chez bunny. We started of great last weekend. First a fabulous wedding party from friends, an upgrade to a Royal Suite in the hotel we were staying (and it really was Royal!) and a visit to a wonderful museum with a sculpture garden on a beautiful autumn day. But then our luck ran out and my oldest daughter broke her wrist Sunday evening (but we found out Tuesday morning) and today my bicycle (with kids bike seat) was stolen. Nothing too dramatic but enough make the balance wobble a bit.*sigh*

O.k.on to the Embroidery Stitch Challenge! I had hoped to get a bit more suggestions for stitches so please leave a comment here (or on Facebook or in the FTWB Embroidery Group on Flickr) if you have interesting stitches for me to explore!.Tomorrow I will be back to announce the stitch I'm going to tackle over the weekend.

And don't forget to check out this months very special 'Three times cozy' Package Deal in my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, October 5

Embroidery Stitch Challenge!

So what is this Follow the White Bunny Embroidery Stitch Challenge all about? It's about challenging me to master a stitch, because I really don't know that many stitches. And it's about you challenging yourself to do the same! Every Monday I will share with you my failures and successes in learning new stitches. And if you want to join in certain challenges, let me know and  I will share your photos and/or comments/tips in the post too. I tend to stay in my 'comfort zone' when I'm looking for new stitches to learn so I really need your help to challenge me. Leave a comment on this post with your Stitch suggestion and I will let you know this Friday which one I will try and tackle over the weekend and you can join in (or not). Looking forward to your suggestions!
Thanks! x

Monday, October 4

Exploring the Brick Stitch


The Brick stitch is one of my favourite fill stitches, especially if you need to fill in relatively large areas in your embroidery. At least I assume it's called the Brick Stitch because I only found a hand full of references to this stitch in my small Embroidery Library and online. And it's such a useful stitch to know! (If anyone has more info please let me know)  Apparently there are two ways of performing this stitch.

What I usually do is much like building a wall with Lego blocks. I stitch rows of Back stitches of the same length (ahem, ideally the same length that is) starting from left to right ( I'm left handed). I start the second row with a half length Back stitch and continue with normal length Back stitches until I reach the end of the row finishing again with a half length stitch. This is a rather quick filling method which can look a tiny bit bulky because of the 'roundness' of the Back stitch.


In Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Stitches I found another method that, to me, is awfully similar to the Long Short Stitch. I have used different colours to show how it's build up. I started with the darker shade of blue stitching a row alternating a long and a shorter stitch. After that I stitched a row, in a lighter shade of blue, filling in the gaps between the longer blue stitches, after that a row in white floss in the same way etc etc. Not as quick as method number one but certainly more neat and less bulky. It's also, like the Long Short Stitch, perfect for shading.

Hope you have enjoyed my little exploration of the Brick Stitch.